With some regularity I get together with a couple of friends to share a cocktail and cigar during which we discuss topics from the Mets pitching woes to the sad state of affairs in this country.  After our most recent get together we concluded that despite our best efforts we did nothing to solve anything and it seems like each week ends with one of us saying “the world is a mess.”

Since we are all in the same age group it’s not shocking that we’re generally unhappy about the direction of so many things most of which I won’t address here because the issues are so divisive.  We also know that today if you don’t agree with someone there is no healthy dialogue to discuss…you just call each other names.

No doubt much of how we feel is based on our age but the truth is we’re not worried about ourselves but rather our children and especially our grandchildren. I would love to be able to see 10, 20 or 30 years into the future but unfortunately can’t.  However what I fear is a continued split amongst ourselves in this country, even more so than those from other parts of the world.  The vitriol that is spewed on a daily basis has resulted in many being filled with rage and hate for each other.  While that may have existed to some extent in the past I don’t know if it ever reached the level it has now.

What getting older brings us more than anything else is experience.  We’ve been through good times and bad times and we’re still around.  Don’t discount those of us in our 60’s and older because what we truly want is for the younger generation not to make the mistakes we did.  My greatest fear is that the downward spiral will continue and we won’t be around to do anything about it.

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