My baby boy loves Sesame Street, particularly "the letter of the day" with Elmo.  Clap Clap.  As a parent, my favorite part of the show is the celebrity cameos.  Maybe you appreciate them too?  Today we watched an episode with Rumson, New Jersey's Charlie Puth.  I quickly searched and found a treasure trove of New Jersey stars performing with cast members of Sesame Street.  Let's take a look!

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These New Jersey entertainers do an amazing job!  Check these out.

Jason Alexander

Stephen Colbert

Paul Simon

Charlie Puth

Danny Devito

Peter Dinklage 1

Peter Dinklage 2 (Game of Thrones Parody)


Jon Stewart

Joe Pesci

James Gandolfini

Wyclef Jean

Nick Jonas

Queen Latifah

Paul Rudd

Kelly Ripa

Wendy Williams

Martha Stewart

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