I hate when I hear people say that there is nothing to do here at the shore when it rains, mainly because that is the furthest thing from the truth. I am with you, if every day in the summer was sunny and 85 degrees, I would be loving life at the beach every single day. Unfortunately, that isn't reality.

We are in for a very interesting weekend weather wise. We have the full whammy -- clouds, rain, light winds... but maybe we will get a glimpse of sunshine towards the latter part of the weekend. You can see Meteorologist Dan Zarrow's weather blog, here.

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    See a movie!

    First of all, I don't know why this is not on the list already because there are TWO giant movies playing right now. Jurassic Park and The Incredibles! We have so many movie theaters here at the Jersey Shore!

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    Jenkinsons Aquarium

    Okay, they have a sloth. What are you waiting for? That should be enough for you to go! Really though, I absolutely Jenkinsons Aquarium and the people that work there are so knowledgeable and they really love their jobs! I now know so many really cool things about sloths since my visit last week.

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    I absolutely love this place! I have been more then once, and honestly it is just as cool the second, or in my case, the fifth time around. This weekend, we are expected to get the most rain on Saturday which works out perfectly because they are closed on Sunday! See pictures and check out more on www.insectropolis.com.



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    The Boardwalk!

    Just because it's not a beach day doesn't mean that you have to avoid Seaside or Point Pleasent! There are so many arcades and fun things to do on the boardwalk! Not to mention, A LOT of bars for mom and dad!

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    Skyzone Themepark!

    I wish this was around when I was a kid! If the kids are home and bored out of their minds because they can't go outside, take them to Skyzone in Lakewood! They are open 10:00 am until 11:00PM both Saturday and Sunday!