New Jersey, home of the famous Jersey Shore, many celebrities, the NY Giants, and of course weird town names.

Have you visited any of these on the list of 10 weird town names? I asked you a little bit ago to App Chat me about the weird names that make you giggle as you drive by them on the Parkway, New Jersey Turnpike, etc.

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We have some weird names for towns here in New Jersey. A couple that did not make the list, but was mentioned - Avon-by-the-Sea, Little Egg Harbor, and Zarephath.

Digital team, pe3check, Getty Images
Digital team, pe3check, Getty Images

Several others were close to making the top 10 weird town names in New Jersey - Tavistock, Buckshutem, Lawnside, and Bagaintown.

Several of these towns in New Jersey I've never heard of. I had to research a lot of them. Along with the weird names, came weird stories of each little town. It was a lot of fun checking out these towns and learning more about New Jersey.

I love doing these lists and learning more about you. You always give me awesome names, restaurants, and anything else I'm asking about, I can't thank you enough.

Allen Stoner, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
Allen Stoner, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

These town names are pretty weird that made the top 10 and proud to say, several of them are in Ocean County.

There is so much to learn about this great state. The history, the secret beaches we don't know about, and these weird town names. Who knew we had such weird names. Growing up in Pennsylvania, we never had these names.

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