It's hot. But did I really have to tell you that?

It seems like the Summer of 2012 will forever be remembered as a scorcher. As of today, we are entering day number three of the fourth heat wave of the season. We should get some relief tomorrow when temps take a dip. After talking with my news director Tom Mongelli, he sent me out on the streets of Ocean County to find out how people are coping.

Listen to Jason's conversations about the heat

Last summer it was Hurricane Irene. The winter before that was blizzard after blizzard. The Garden State has suffered through a lot of different types of weather conditions over the years. The excessive heat this Summer seems relatively minor on the scale. Maybe it should be the recent wave of thunderstorms that seem to affect out area almost weekly causing headaches for both JCP&L and Atlantic City Electric.

I decided to fan out around Toms River and Berkeley Township yesterday for this man on the street piece. I heard a variety of opinions from people who love the heat, people who hate it and several who are ready for the Fall and Winter months.

Several people did say they would rather be hot than cold and they hate snow.  One woman says "people really need to stop complaining. This is nothing. At least it's not snowing. I'm sure if mother nature gives us a run for our money this coming winter, we will hear people wishing for a heat wave."

One man we spoke to outside a supermarket in Bayville said "I have had it. I can't take it anymore. This is excessive and I am ready for it to be over. You can always wear layers in the cold to keep warm. There's only so much you can take off to get cool in the sweltering heat!"

Just a reminder, drink plenty of water, stay in the air conditioned areas whenever possible and avoid strenuous outdoor activity.

The 21 branches of the Ocean County library are designated cooling centers.

Me personally, I don't mind the heat. I prefer cooler weather but I despise snow. I am remaining open to the idea the we may have additional heat waves during the Summer. We should all be prepared.