As I was getting my hair cut at a salon on Route 9 in Bayville this morning, I noticed something that many of us haven't seen in quite some time at the famous Bayville Dinosaur - a flurry of activity.

Of course, most recently the large building that the Dinosaur stands guard over was a paint store, but that closed and cleared out many years ago. In the meantime, the building has stood empty as the Dinosaur has undergone a few notable changes over time.

The ladies at Sophia's Roots Salon across the street tell me that they've been seeing workers in and around the building for a little while now. They say that they hear that there may be more than one business coming to the building, but that it may be some time before we actually see storefronts opening up.

Of course if you have any tips, please feel free to share! If you're in the know, comment below and tell us what you've heard!


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