A Barnegat man accused of pepper-spraying another driver in a road-rage fit in Stafford Township will answer to a charge of aggravated assault in Stafford Municipal Court.

John Huth, Jr., was issued several driving infraction tickets in addition to the charge when police arrived at his house, where officers said they recovered the mace can.

Stafford police said that the victim, a 56-year-old woman living in the township, reported the encounter in a 911 call Tuesday.

She told officers that Huth, driving Route 72, cut off several cars and situated himself behind her car, following her into the Shop-Rite lot.

She claimed that Huth let the front of his car hit the back of hers, emerged from the vehicle, sprayed her in the face, and drove off.

Police did not disclose any details of developments leading to the confrontation, nor did they speculate any reasons.

No bail was set, and Huth was released to await his court date.

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