Last week, we asked our listeners to vote on the stories which represented who had the greatest grandparents at the Jersey Shore.  Well, after over 13,000 votes, we have our winner! 

Here are the results:





Congratulations to Entry #5 - submitted by Michelle from Toms River!  The winning story will receive a $500 Visa Gift Card that you can be used to treat the grandparent(s)!

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Take a look at al of the stories:

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    Entry #1

    My Me-ma is the best grandparent because she loves me so much. She takes really good care of me and spoils me with hugs and kisses. We have a lot fun together and she keeps up with me. She's so silly and makes me laugh. She loves my mommy a lot to and we spend so much time together. Her hugs are the best. And I'm her favorite but ssshhhh don't tell mommy!!

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    Entry #2

    My grandparents are the very best there is because they have stepped up to the plate every time my parents need them. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when I was 2 and a half, and when I have to go to the hospital my yiya (grandmother in Greek) goes with us to help take care of me while my Mom talks to the doctors, or they watch my little sister at my house while my parents both come with me. My Yiya retired from her job to babysit us over the summer so my Mom and Dad can both work full time, and helps me with my insulin shots when my Mom is at work. My grandfather, who I call G-Pop, gets me off the bus every day during the school year and helps me with my homework. GPop even brings us fresh bagels every Sunday and leaves them on our doorstep so he doesn't wake us up. They also put out our garbage cans when they are full because my parents always forget when the pickups are. They are at our house more than they are at their own house, helping and taking care of us. That's why they are the very best ever.

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    Entry #3

    My name is Kelsey, I am seventeen years old and the proud grand-daughter of four awesome grandparents! My grandparents on my father's side are John and Bernadine. John passed away when I was very young but I felt he should not be forgotten. Everyone says he was a strict tough man but my toddler smile could melt his heart. I learned about angels through his passing and how he will always watch over me. My Grandma Santucci (Bernadine)is the glue that holds our family together and keeps us united. She has taught me the importance of religion and caring. She is a volunteer caregiver and helps drive elders to appointments, shopping or just spends time with them to offer them a friend and companion in the sometimes lonely years. She inspires me to do acts of kindness for others. I hope that I will inherit her generosity, confidence and love for others.

    George and Susan Steinhauser are my grandparents on my mother's side of the family. They have lived in Berkeley Township for over 40 years and have always been active members in our community. my Grampy (George) coached football, wrestling and track at Central Regional High School for many years. Last year he coached the CRHS Alumni Football team and will be inducted into the CRHS Hall of Fame this October. He is a coach at heart and will "NEVER" stop coaching. He is the greatest coach to my siblings and I through all the many sports we play. He is the first one to greet us after each game to offer his suggestions for greater success and sometimes praise if you are truly worthy or if he lets his soft Grampy side show. My Grammie(Susan) tells us the story about how she was never coordinated enough to make the cheerleading team when she was young. We all laugh because my Grammie is the true definition of the best cheerleader ever! My Grammie spreads happiness and joy everywhe re. She doesn't like to miss anything we are involved in and that is a lot!!! She joined Facebook and Instagram just so she could keep up with our active lives and comment on all our photos and fun. My Grammie won’t forget to bring balloons to every birthday as well and a collectors figurine to honor each age and milestone. My Grammie and I love to shop and she has taught me all the tricks of the trade including, bargain shopping, math lessons of percentage discounts with coupons and also not to share the prices of items but just to say, "It was a reasonable price" when speaking to Grampy☺.

    Most of all, all my grandparents have taught me the importance of traditions and family values. They have demonstrated to us all that life takes hard work, sometimes compromise and always lots of love. I was born on Thanksgiving day 1998. My Grammie tells a story about how she was cooking Thanksgiving dinner for everyone that day while my mother was in the hospital in labor. Grammie was listening to my great grandparents argue about the thickness of the gravy when she finally said, "Okay you guys cook the gravy and I am going to the hospital". All my grandparents sat in the waiting room waiting for me, the best 7lb. 15oz. turkey ever! I am bless because every year my parents now host a big Thanksgiving dinner at our home for all our family and even some new friends each year. I cannot wait to have a family and home of my own in the future so I can take on the traditions of serving Thanksgiving dinner and I sure hope my awesome grandparents will be there so I can give back to them all that they have given to me♥.

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    Entry #4

    Our grandparents, Mema and Gbob, are simply the best. The reasons are many..

    1. She sleeps with her cellphone next to her so we can call at anytime to talk.

    2. She cooks us hot desserts for the entire first week of school for when we get off the bus.

    3. She wakes up at 6am on saturdays all spring and summer to go to garage sales so that she can buy us even more than santa brings us for christmas.

    4, She loves us more than we ever though possible.

    5. She lets us come over sick and will cuddle with us and kiss our foreheads as long as we aren't throwing up.

    6. She takes us to all our appointments and sports activities because mom is a single mom and has to work. She never complains about it.

    7. Gbob fixes mommy's car even when she doesn't have to money to make sure we are safe.

    8. Gbob taught us to catch and bat.

    9. Gbob got us all new bicycles.

    10. We get to see them 5 days a week at least.

    11. They even invite us to share their timeshare when they are on vacation because they will miss us if they are gone for a whole week.

    12. They have a special birthday flag that they hang outside for our birthday so everyone knows we have a birthday.

    13. They have a comfortable blow up mattress so we can sleep over whenever we want.

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    Entry #5

    I must start by saying the two people I am writing about are my parents BUT grandparents to my three sons and nephew. Not only do they still have my brother and 17 year old sister still living at home, both work full time and my father is the mayor of a small town in Ocean County, BUT they find time to be present and available to their grandchildren with no hesitation. These two wonderful people are BUSY, but their grandchildren always come first. They make sure to spend time with them, laugh with them and build memories. They are present at regattas, soccer games, graduations, concerts, and whatever else comes up. Seeing my boys light up and laugh with my parents is one of the most amazing feelings ever. I can see the memories happening and envision them thinking of their grandparents as friends and such a huge part of their childhood. The relationship my boys have built with m y parents is filled with love, respect and fun! As grandparents, these two spoil the boys and engage in their everyday lives. Without a doubt, these two special people have impacted my sons lives in a positive way! They have made them better people. I am grateful to have them in my life.

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    Entry #6

    My grandmother is the greatest grandmother on the jersey shore, and in the whole country. She is so selfless and thoughtful. Not only do I receive a card in the mail for every occasion (when she tries to surprise me with confetti) but she even learned to text several years ago because she knew it was the easiest way to contact her busy granddaughter. I had my first child in February of this year, while also trying to care for my father who had been diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. From the birth of my son through the death of my father in May, my grandma has been there for me every step of the way. At over 70 years old with her own health problems, she has spent numerous days babysitting my son (who also happens to be one of the tallest and heaviest babies) so that I could take care of my dying father and also prepare for my return to work (I am a high school teacher). All i n all, there is no one more giving and caring than my grandmother. I love you grandma Leta and little David loves his Grammy!

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    Entry #7

    I just gave birth to my first child, a little girl, on February 23, 2016. Her name is Riley, and she is my mother and father's first grandchild. My mother, who Riley will call Nanny, was over the moon. She worked at Brick Memorial High School as a paraprofessional before deciding to retire this past school year (2015-2016) and become a full-time Nanny! She watches my little girl every day, taking pictures and bragging to all her friends about her little granddaughter. I have never seen my mother light up much as she does when Riley is around. I am so thankful that I have her to watch and care for Riley while both her father and I work. My mother has always been a very hardworking individual with a heart of pure gold, putting everyone before herself. She is no different with her new granddaughter. I truly believe my mother is not only the best parent at the Jersey Shore, but defi nitely the best grandmother aka Nanny!

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    Entry #8

    Because my grandparents came out of retirement to raise me and my two siblings. They provided a safe environment, kept us in extra curricular activities and encouraged us to do the best we could. They have achieved their goal of raising fine adults and none of this would have been possible without them

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    Entry #9

    My Grandma is almost 80 yrs old. She is a grandma to everyone. She is a a caregiver to the eldery, she makes bake goods (best swedish coffee bread) and crafts to sell for St Thomas Luternan church. She just is the greastest thing since peanut butter and sliced cheeze. She will give her last dollar to someone in need and never asks for anything in return. Now since grandpa died and watching all her friends pass on is horrible. I want her and everyone to know she is the GREATEST GRANDMA/friend in the world. We all love Aileen Coleson (my grandma and best buddy) thank you.

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    Entry #10

    My kids have the GREATEST Grandmother ever!!! I had issues in my past that lead me to not be the best parent. Thankfully things are a lot different now..but if it wasn't for her.. Idk what I would do. She helped raised my 3 kids. She is so loving and caring towards them. She makes sure they experience things I could never do. They go on vacations with my sister, they play all different sports, the never go without anything. She retired after working 30 years for Ocean County and instead of being able to enjoy her retirement, she jumped in as a parent for my 3 little ones. We all live together now and I wouldn't want it any other way. She sacrafied many things for them and I could never thank her enough!! I'm so thankful my kids have the best Grandmother ever!!