One of the final acts of this year’s presidential circus will play out tonight in Las Vegas when Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off in the last of three debates.

Trump finds himself slipping in the polls and he has not recovered from recent developments which have more than anything moved undecided women to the Clinton side, even if they don’t trust or like her.  The Republican nominee continues to say and do things that leave many doubting his fitness to be a world leader.

Trump had hoped his debate performances would take care of those doubts but if anything they have raised them even more.  Simply put he’s not very eloquent and at times has appeared poorly prepared to answer questions.  Clinton on the other hand has come off as appearing “presidential” and while she has dodged her fair share of questions is much more comfortable on the debate stage.

While neither have delivered a knockout blow in either of the first two debates Clinton comes into tonight with a chance to do that as Trump is like a fighter on the ropes holding on and waiting for the bell to ring so he can get back to his corner.  Meanwhile the Democratic nominee is poised to finish him off but must not risk getting hit with that one big blow that can turn things around in a hurry.

If Trump is serious about trying to stage a miraculous comeback less than three weeks before Election Day it must start tonight and he has to take a very different approach.  The man with big hair and a big ego needs to be humble, show some humility and answer questions with confidence.

There are still many undecided voters who could be swung to his side but they need to see a very different Trump then in the first two debates. My guess is that he’s simply not capable of that and by later tonight will take a ten count that will all but end his hopes of winning the White House.