I know that's a tough one...so many great ones!  Whether it's comedies, dramas and now reality shows that have become pretty popular, we all love the escape of TV.

Today September 19th 1970 was the premiere of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show".



M*A*S*H concluded its 11-season run with a repeat of "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen" on September 19, 1983.

CBS aired the last episode "Guiding Light".  The daytime drama was the longest running in television and radio history, beginning as a radio serial in 1937.

It's a TV day in history, so I thought it was fitting to ask you...What's your favorite TV Show of all time?

My favorites growing up were "Who's the Boss", "Full House", and of course "Brady Bunch".  Now as an adult I just love "Parenthood" on NBC.