Shawn Michaels, Townsquare Media

This past week was one of the coldest on record! So whats your favorite thing to warm you up on days like we've had ?

Are you a ....

Coffee Person

Tea Person

Hot Chocolate

Soup ?

There are so many ways we like to "warm" up .... but I gotta admit I , with no surprise ... will vote for coffee. Its just a great drink on it's own, but "hot" adds a lil extra benefit when it's 5 degrees outdoors.


Take a peek at articles about "hot" drink ideas at they have plenty of recipes to "warm" you up. This list contains many "healthy" drink recipes. From tea to coffee to hot chocolate to cider ... Do you make or grab your coffee before you get to work in the morning ?

How about you "soup" lovers ? Will you grab a mug of chicken noodle soup to warm up ?

Tell us what "drink" your vote is for ... and stay warm  :)