So Wednesday I was listening to a U2 Concert from 2010 recorded in Rome, Italy and it occured to me that U2 have an agenda , not that it's a news flash to anyone, but they do and it's "human rights" and thats what they set out to convey in their music and their actions.

So as that lightning bolt hit me lol I thought what "defines" me ?
The first thing I thought was that I believe everyone has two choices to make in life, do good or do evil. Its that simple either your good or your bad and you decide everyday which path your gonna take.
The second thing I thought was ok "love" for family was a given, but what defines me outside my house.
I'm sure U2 loves their families, but professionally its "human rights" that defines them. So after not too much thought it dawned on me "philanthropy" was my calling. Here on the Ocean County Breakfast Show I believe we try and give Ocean and Monmouth Counties the most we can when it comes to "charity/community" programs, interviews, appearances & information, its what we have done here for 44 years and I'm glad to now carry the torch along with my co-workers.
Now its time for you to share what "defines" you. Share with other readers who may get inspired by your words. Post below , we'd love to see what motivates our listeners :)
Being a "philanthropist" to me is a great way to be defined, it means taking time to reach out to others in our community, because without our strong community we simply have nothing. Being in broadcasting I think its a requirement, at some point to give back and help the cause.
There are many causes out there that you may be involved with, tell us. There may  even be "groups" and "projects" people don't even know exist , that they would love to be involved with :)  Lets use this blog as an experiment and see if in fact people will take time and get involved and share their thoughts and maybe their groups, charities and project names .... so that others may then jump on and before long we've made some actual change for the good.
I do think its sad if you have no answer for this question, if you don't lets get you involved in something and change that. Everyone needs a little motivation.





Don't be shy lets throw it out there!   WHAT DEFINES YOU  ? and how do you show it  ?