These days it's easier than ever to find a date. No more hanging out in bars, going out to clubs that are so loud you can barely hold a conversation, or blind dates set up by mom. No, today we have online dating

In the last few years, tens of millions of adults have used online dating sites to try to meet a potential love match. But along with not having to meet in person to start, comes the little annoyances of some online dating profiles. Here are some of the biggest online dating no-nos:

  • Using old pictures

    Sure, most of us looked a bit better 15 years ago. But most of us don't look like we looked 15 years ago anymore. You may love that picture of yourself from the high school prom, but if the high school prom was more than 3 or 4 years ago, don't use it in your online dating profile.

    Flickr user Jemingway
  • Having an obnoxious screen name

    There are two things that make a first impression on people, your picture and your screen name. If your screen name makes you sound like a jerk, people will probably think you are a jerk. "MrAwesome01", "MissPerfect71", and "SexyStud" are probably not going to make the best first impression. Going along with that theme...

    Photo by Justin Louis
  • Being standoffish right from the start

    After someone has seen your picture and your screen name, they're most likely going to read what you have to say. You don't want the first impression you make to be a standoffish one. "Don't be a jerk. If we go out, you should know how to treat a lady/man or we won't get along" is probably not the best opening line.

  • Headless perfect body pictures

    Conceited is not attractive. It's great if you spend 7 hours a day at the gym and/or got lucky genetically and have a perfect body. That being said, a good face beats a good set of abs any day. Most of the time when someone is looking for a date, they're going to be more interested in your face than your ripped body. Also, why make the other person self conscious before you've even met? And a bonus...

    Flickr user oxcnpxo
  • "Duckface"

    I don't know where, why, or how this trend started, but it's not cute. Can we make it stop please? And while I'm ranting a little, what ever happened to smiling in pictures? Trying to look tough or super serious is for the cover of your hiphop album, not your dating profile.

    Flickr users Tavallai and garann