Lady Gaga is pretty smart. She has over 47 million "Likes" on Facebook and nearly 19 million Twitter followers, yet she manages to make her fans feel like they're her friends who she's letting in on a secret.

She's worked hard to foster a relationship with her fans, her "Little Monsters", and they have repaid her with ardent loyalty. Last night she sent out a tweet saying that details on her upcoming "Born This Way Ball" tour as well as the poster would be posted today (Wednesday) at 11pm.

Less than an hour later, she sent out a short, sweet message, "Screw it. I had too much wine." and followed that up with a link to the official tour poster.

In my experience working in the entertainment business, the powers that be don't like it when things are leaked early. Movie studios, music companies, and broadcasters vehemently enforce "embargoes" on information, pictures, and other official tidbits about upcoming events.

It may be my natural cynicism but I immediately thought it was all a setup. By playing it the way she did, Lady Gaga made her fans feel like they were each in on the secret. Like she was whispering information to each individual that they weren't supposed to have yet.

Shhhh, this will be our secret!

So what do you think, did Gaga let a tipsy tweet slip, or is she just a shrewd business woman? Vote in the poll below and feel free to leave a comment! By the way, in case you're curious, here's the poster: