A graffiti-happy vandal has tagged a bunch of buildings and vehicles in Brick Township with the legend "SLEEPER." Police plan to catch him napping, and if you've seen him, they hope to speak with you.

"Sleeper" in action (Brick PD)

Authorities said that the spray paint has been sprayed on structures and cars on the north end of the township. Their only descriptive lead is that he is an unknown white male. However, surveillance images of him reveal a distinctive ball cap.

"Sleeper" graffiti (Brick PD)

No indication is given of the time frame in which the markings have been left, times of day, or whether investigators are able to trace paint specimens. Police did not offer an estimate of the dollar value of damage that Sleeper has left in his wake.

"Sleeper" on the job (Brick PD)

Detective Ken Steinberg leads the investigation, and can be reached at 732-262-1113. Brick PD's main line is 732-262-1100. All calls remain confidential.

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