The semiannual rite that ensures drinkable water in Toms River, South Toms River and Holiday City Berkeley starts Monday.

United Water Toms River Tower (United Water Toms River)

United Water Toms River begins eight weeks of spring hydrant flushing to clear lines of sediments that affect potability. Company officials say the process also verifies that firefighters will have sufficient resources when they're needed.

Crews will be on the job for about eight weeks, through May 23. Flushing operations take place Mondays through Thursdays, 8 AM until 8 PM, and Fridays from 8:30 AM until 12 Noon.

"During flushing operations, customers may experience temporary incidences of low water pressure or volume and slight discoloration or cloudiness, which is not harmful," Director of Operations Jim Mastrokalos said.

"It is best to shut the water off, then check clarity by running cold water for a few minutes, allowing new water to work its way into the pipes."

If you see crews near your home or business, Mastrokalos suggests avoiding using taps, washing machines and dishwashers until they're done, and perhaps keeping containers of tap water on the fridge for drinking and cooking.

Finally, be alert when driving past the curbside workers - they move about.

You can keep up with the schedule at the United Water Toms River web page, or through Facebook and Twitter. Or, call 877-565-1456.