The U.S. Social Security Administration said Sophia was the most popular female baby name for the first time in 2011, knocking Isabella to No. 2. The agency said Isabella was knocked to second place after two years at the top of the list. The boys’ list was topped by Jacob for the 13th consecutive year. Mason jumped up ten spots to become the second most popular name for boys. Kourtney Kardashian of reality TV fame, named her son Mason in late 2009. The name Michael fell to sixth place, the lowest ranking since 1948. Religion continues to influence baby names, but old testament names like Noah and Elijah are growing in popularity. Traditional new testament names like John, James and Mary have always been popular. The most popular baby names of 2011:

Boys:   Girls:
1. Jacob 6. Michael 1. Sophia 6. Emily
2. Mason 7. Ethan 2. Isabella 7. Abigail
3. William 8. Alexander 3. Emma 8. Madison
4. Jayden 9. Aiden 4. Olivia 9. Mia
5. Noah 10. Daniel 5. Ava 10. Chloe

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