Spending Quality Time With Jersey Dads
Last month, prior to Mothers' Day, I wrote a blog about what moms might enjoy even more than flowers and that is...time.  Ever since I read that book "The Five Love Languages," I've been aware that many people would rather spend time with a loved one than get a gift.…
Favorite Moments With Ocean County Dads
Do you remember that Harry Chapin song "Cat's In The Cradle?"  It tells of a father who was too busy to play ball with his son and then the grown up son who is too busy to see his father.  Those lyrics reflect something that many of us have experienced, either as chi…
Watch This Touching Father’s Day Video
With Father's Day only days away, Dove put together this touching spot for all the Dads out there. Whether you call him, Dad, Daddy, Pop, or something else, this ad should touch the "Dad" place in your heart.
Favorite TV Dads
Father's Day is this Sunday June 15th, 2014!  Some of these guys are the comforting Dads we grew up with on TV!  Enjoy!
Top Baby Names For 2011
The U.S. Social Security Administration said Sophia was the most popular female baby name for the first time in 2011, knocking Isabella to No. 2.

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