The group of Toms River parents and health advocates who banded together after a spike in child cancer rates in the 1990s, plans to meet Monday night in Toms River Town Hall.

Linda Gillick (Townsquare Media NJ)

The Citizens Action Committee on Childhood Cancer Cluster has been keeping a close eye on the Reich Farm, Ciba Gigey and former Dover Landfill sites for many years. They plan to provide an update at the session. Linda Gillick, who heads the group, said while their meetings are annual, the mission never stops.

While representatives from United Water and the state health department will be there, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection hasn't been to a meeting in almost three years, which is a bit discouraging for Gillick.

"We need them there. This is a critical issue and each passing year, they ignore the problem. While things are better in many respects, we want to make sure it stays that way," said Gillick.

Since Sandy, there has also been talk about bringing in new businesses to the area. How does that sit with them? "While growing the infrastructure is vital for the success of the community, we will still be watching to make sure new industry doesn't come in and harm the environment and cause more problems," said Gillick.