The trail of a gun that vanished from a Manchester house ends with a woman in Toms River, say Manchester police.

Bonnie Fahoury (Ocean County Police, Fire & EMS Facebook page)

Bonnie A. Fahoury, 51, was charged Tuesday with taking the weapon from the Weldon Road house where she and her husband had lived with the victim for at least a year, police said.

According to Detective Albert Vega and Patrolmen David Fusaro and Michael Steffen, Fahoury took at least one firearm in a time frame dating back to September 2013. She sold the firearm they found to the Guns and Roses shop in Toms River, police said.

The victim reported several weapons missing on March 16, police said, adding that more charges could be expected.

Additionally, Fahouy was charged with the theft of a prescription medication and possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

Bail for the weapon theft charge was set at $20,000, with option for release on payment of 10 percent. Bail for the drug charge was set at $10,000 with no 10-percent option.

Fahoury' s husband faces no charges, police said.