Toms River police are looking additional victims of thefts at a rental apartment complex to come forward, following the arrest of a maintenance worker at the Fairways of Bey Lea for allegedly stealing from residents there. 

Nicholas Bradley, photo courtesy of Toms River Police

32-year-old Nicholas Bradley of Manchester was linked to the apartment thefts after authorities said they tracked items sold at pawn shops to him.

Police believe Bradley allegedly made more than 100 transactions at local shops since April, 2012. Investigators periodically review pawn database records to track and identify frequent sellers in excess of "normal" activity and police said Bradley's name had been on it for several consecutive months.

Toms River Detectives Roger Hull and Mark Bajada conducted a background investigation into Bradley and learned he was employed as a maintenance employee at the apartment complex.

While reviewing images of items sold, police found one piece engraved with initials and a birth date.  A computerized record search revealed a female resident at the Fairways with those initials and her date of birth.  Police discovered the piece belonged to the woman and that she had no idea it was missing. Other victims were identified by the jewelry receipt database and through work orders provided by the staff at the Fairways, who are cooperating with authorities.

Bradley is charged with two counts of burglary, two counts of theft, and one count of theft by deception at that time.

Police said Bradley used his master key to do maintenance repairs and then would stay inside the apartments and steal items, such as small amounts of jewelry and cash that went unnoticed.

Police are asking anyone who lived in the Fairways complex since 2012 and were missing items, especially jewelry, after requesting maintenance work, to contact Detective Roger Hull at 732-349-0150 extension 1291.