Some in Seaside Heights may be breathing a sigh of relief now that Jersey Shore wrapped shooting, and Toms River is passing an ordinance to make sure a similar headache doesn't come knocking on their door.

Jersey Shore house in Seaside Heights (Townsquare Media NJ)

The Township Council unanimously approved the ordinance unanimously which creates an application process for production companies to apply if they want to film within the Township, a selection process would decide what gets filmed and what doesn't. Council president Mo Hill says there's also an appeal process if the application gets denied.

"So we've set a little more structured way of handling that." Says Hill.

It's not the first piece of legislation meant to curb some of the chaos that comes with the production of a reality show. State Senator Ron Dancer's proposed "Snookieville" bill would empower towns to regulate filming productions within their borders. However regardless of whether Singer's bill passes, Hill says their ordinance will act as an additional layer of protection for the town.

"Being that it's a township ordinance we would fall under that unless there's a conflict with the state, but I still think we would be the masters of our own fate with that. "

Hill says they fear the productions bring with them some unintended consequences.

"You've got trucks that are in local neighborhoods, its certainly inconvenient for thresidents that live in the neighborhood. So we would want to vet all that."

He adds there would be a process for neighbors to voice their concerns as well.

The ordinance originally stems from a request put to the town for a spin off show featuring Snooki and J-Wow.

"The area that they were coming to Toms River is a residential area, you would have two or three trucks there, film crews there twenty four seven, and then you would have people there who are curious and want to see Snooki or J-Wow."

Hill notes there hasn't been any interest for filming in the Township.