Considering that we’ve been preoccupied with the weather if you ask the average person what today is their likely response would be “Friday.”  That is right,and wrong and it could prove fatal to relationships.

Valentine's Day balloons (Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

The answer for most should be “Valentine’s Day” which is celebrated by some,despised by others and ignored by plenty.  Say what you want but February 14th is a poor excuse for a holiday which has been hyped and promoted since Christmas decorations came down.  Actually earlier then that because I think there are some who still haven’t taken theirs down, blaming of course the weather for that.

By now we know this winter holiday was created by florists, jewelers, candy makers and the poster child for Valentine’s Day, those nice people at Hallmark Cards.  According to reports about 70% of Americans will spend about $15 billion on gifts for loved ones today.  Nearly half of us will give candy with most of that being chocolate which has been associated with romance since the 15th century and we’re expected to spend about $750 million on chocolate to show our love for one another. 150 million cards will be exchanged which makes this the second biggest card-giving occasion behind Christmas and throw in that many will bypass the traditional card and send an e-card instead.

Flower sales alone with account for nearly $2 billion and some florists will tell you Valentine’s Day alone is equal to an entire month’s worth of business.  Some 110 million roses, mostly red will be sold and delivered followed by pink, white and lavender.  Another big item is jewelry which also gets a boost by the fact that many couples will get engaged today. Also, many break up on this day as well.

By the way if you are going to spend money keep it local as the bad weather of late has made times tough.  Support local restaurants, florists, jewelers and others as its good for all of us.

Today can be filled with tremendous pressure to come up with the right gift, especially for those not sure if their relationship is casual or serious.  Hearts can be broken when one person buys a gift that shows love and the other gives one more indicative of friendship.

It can be just as bad for married couples, especially for men who wait until today.   You are likely to learn a hard lesson: the Valentine’s Day Massacre did not take place in 1929 in Chicago.  It occurred when you walked into the door with a crummy card, cheap box of chocolates and a single rose purchased at a convenience store.

Come on Jane, you know I’ll do better than that!