That's quite a water slide, huh? The creators call it the "Backyard Waterslide of DOOM". But I would argue that here in NJ, we know dangerous waterslides. I have two words for you - Action Park.

Remember Action Park? Every summer, the camp that I went to as a kid would take a field trip to the infamous water park in Vernon Valley. Anyone who grew up in New Jersey in the 80s and 90s either got hurt at Action Park or knows someone who did. Whether it was skinned knees, twisted ankles, or burned feet from the blacktop walkways, there were plenty of minor injuries at the mercy of the park (and some not so minor as well).

And then there was the loop slide.

You know the one I'm talking about. The slide that stood ominously on the grounds of the park but never seemed to be operating.

Stories exist of people who braved the tube and made it out the other end (and, allegedly, some who didn't), but I don't actually know anyone who witnessed the ride of death actually operating.

Did you go to Action Park as a kid? We want to hear your stories! Leave a comment below and tell us about your experience of surviving the infamous amusement park!