We all have challenges in our jobs. Doctors, Teachers, Food Service Workers, and yes, even Radio DJs. In fact, a lot of us can be a little touchy when it comes to our jobs. Here are a few real world examples of why:

"Do you also have a real job?"
No, actually, this is our "real job". Many of us work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, like most full time workers. And that's only the official hours we work. Not including community events, charity volunteering, and overtime. Again, like most employed Americans.

"But you just play music"
Believe it or not, playing music is only a tiny part of our duties. In fact, these days, we don't really have to do anything to play the music. It's all digital. Most radio stations haven't spun records or queued up CDs in years. So, actually, "playing music" really isn't a big part of what we do on a daily basis.

"You don't look like you sound"
I never understood this one. This also goes along with "you sound cute". What does "cute" sound like exactly?

"Do the radio voice"
Yes, there are still some radio personalities who, as we say, "puke" on the air. That is, put on a cheesy, overdone performance. But most of us just talk. Sure, we've learned how to talk to sound relateable and friendly, but most of us don't put on a "radio voice".

"My friends all say I have a great voice and I should be on the radio"
Many of us went to school to study broadcasting. All of us have honed our skills and techniques over years. There's a big difference between having a good voice and knowing how to use that voice. The best analogy I make when I hear this one is, "I have a really steady hand, can I take your appendix out?"

"Is that your real name?"
Usually, no.

Those being said, most of us are friendly, normal people who are happy to chat and answer questions that you may have. The best rule of thumb, though - if it's a question that would offend your kid's teacher if you asked it, it might be better to rephrase it.