There are a lot of options for Valentine's Day gifts for your sweetheart, but all can be broken down into two main categories - edible and non-edible.

In the edible category, there are the classics - chocolates and other candies. I got a nice Valentine's Day surprise at my office today, that big heart themed bucket of ridiculously tasty popcorn that you see above. And of course there are plenty of places that get creative with baked goods.

As for non-edibles - you can never go wrong with flowers. When we're talking about a long term partner (or someone you really like and are really confident that they like you back), you can always splurge with jewelry.

And, of course, there are plenty of other creative options for a partner that you know well - something having to do with a favorite hobby, a nice keepsake, or even a gift certificate to a massage place.

You really feel like splurging? Heck, take them on a nice vacation!

So what kinds of Valentine's Day presents do you prefer? Edible, non-edible, or something else? Let us know in the comments!