As I get older and the years go by I admit to having regrets over things I have not done and wondering if I will ever get to them before my time is up. 

Helping Princess the Football Picking make her pick at Popcorn Park Zoo (Townsquare Media NJ)

So I was interested when I came across something last week about things you MUST NOT DO or else you will definitely regret them at the end of your life.   The list was long but here are ones that caught my eye and interest:


  1. Not traveling when you had the chance.  Traveling does get harder when you get older and have personal and professional responsibilities.
  2. Not learning another language.  I took three years of Spanish in high school but forgot much more than I learned.  I wish now I could actually do more than just order a beer or count to ten.
  3. Missing the chance to see your favorite musicians.  All the concerts I could have seen but saved for another day and that day in some cases is over.
  4. Being afraid to do things.  How I wish I would have learned to sky dive…just once.
  5. Failing to make physical fitness a priority.  As you get older you realize how important it is to take care of your body.
  6. Not trying harder in school.  If only I was dedicated, instead of just getting by.
  7. Caring too much about what other people think.  When you’re older, you’ll realize that the opinion of others does not factor into your true happiness.
  8. Not moving fast enough.  Don’t hesitate to make decisions; you’ll end up regretting wasting time.
  9. Not standing up for yourself.  Just because others may disagree with you, it does not mean you have to abandon your principals.
  10. Worrying too much, especially about things that haven’t happened yet.
  11. Missing the chance to talk to your grandparents before they die.  They hold a lot of knowledge and they will only be around for a little while.

12. Working too much.  No need to elaborate.

13.         Not stopping to appreciate the moment.  Quit texting and taking pictures and    realize what you are doing when you are doing it.

14. Getting caught up in needless drama.  While drama can be addictive there is no point.

15. Refusing to let friendships run their course.  Sometimes people drift apart and forcing that connection could actually do more damage than good.

16.         This one is for my wife.  Not learning how to cook one good meal.  Maybe I have enough time left to take this off my list of regrets.