Those of you who believe the glass is usually half-full when hearing that today is August 1st will say that there is still plenty of summer left.  However in you live in my glass is half-empty world then it’s a bit different. 

Rainbow at Seaside Heights (Joe Palmer, Townsquare Media NJ)

Here are some cold-hard facts.

  • Labor Day weekend is only four weeks away.  Yup, Labor Day is early this year with the holiday itself on September 2nd.  By the way that means school starts just a couple of days after that.
  • Have you noticed that it’s getting darker earlier?  Sunset today is at 8:12, 20 minutes earlier then it was in late June.  By the time we get to the end of this month sunset will be at 7:30.
  • Its only 93 days until Halloween, 121 days until Thanksgiving and 148 days until Christmas (that is if I did my math correct). By the way go into any card store and you’ll find it filled with Halloween cards. Yuck!

While I have some vacation time left I know that football season is just around the corner which begins my busiest time of year, although frankly I’m busy every day.

I love football season and it’s the only positive thing about the end of summer but I sure do wish today was July 1st and not August 1st.

Well it looks like we’ll finally learn the fate of Alex Rodriguez within the next 48 hours and I can’t wait to this story to come to an end.  The latest developments have Major League Baseball threatening a lifetime ban against A Rod for his role in the Biogenesis case unless he agrees not to fight a lengthy suspension which some say could be longer than a year.

Word is that his lawyers are indeed talking with MLB and might have no choice but to agree to a settlement which would allow Rodriguez to return to baseball at some point.  However at age 38 and coming off major hip surgery his playing future is very much in doubt.

That’s it for today.  By the way did you know its August 1st…the start of the final full month of summer?  Try and enjoy it.