2012 is a big election year, in Ocean County we have Senate seats up for grabs, Congressional seats up for grabs, and of course we'll vote on the highest office in the country this Fall as well. But it looks like things are starting early here at the shore.

As the weeks and months start to pass, we'll be seeing more and more lawn signs like the one to the left (which, by the way, was a real campaign sign that I took a picture of in Virginia a few years ago). Soon, it'll be a sea of red and blue as far as the eye can see.


What really caught my attention this morning though, on my way to work I saw signs for a Senate candidate that must have been put up in the last day or so (I hadn't noticed them earlier this week).

So today's question is, do you think the middle of May is too early to start campaigning, or do you think the more opportunity we have to ask the candidates questions before November, the better? Vote below and feel free to comment!