You have to give the Lakewood BlueClaws credit, when you have 70 home games over the span of a season, you have to keep things different and fun. With past promotions like "Harry Potter Night" a few weeks ago, and the annual "BruceClaws" promotion, they definitely keep it fun.

And in just a few days, it won't be Saturday in Lakewood, it'll be "CATurday".

And their jerseys for the night? I'll let the official BlueClaws Twitter show you:


That's right, they'll be sporting uniforms that the crazy cat lady in all of us can get behind!

The promotion is getting so much buzz from inside and outside of Ocean County, that you may have even seen it trending on Facebook today.

If you have a friendly feline, they can even join you at the ballpark this weekend (here are the details on that).

Once again, the BlueClaws prove that nobody's got family fun like we do here in Ocean County!

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