Thanksgiving Dinner can be a lot of fun, but it can also be chock-full of awkward and silly moments...moments that EVERYONE is probably experiencing.

This year, make a game out of the ridiculous things that are bound to happen with Thanksgiving Bingo!

It's something super easy that you can play around the table with your family. Each person will get a different card (I made 5, but if you want more, I'll try to make them!) and instead of the traditional numbers, each space has things that might happen during Thanksgiving.

They are mostly self-explanatory, but for example, if it says "Apple Pie," it means apple pie is on the table/being served. If it says, "Drunk Uncle" means your uncle got into the Schnapps again.

You can play for fun, you can play for the turkey leg, or you can set your own stakes. (I condone nothing illegal.)

I'm TOTALLY playing this with my family this year!!

Get the printable 2016 Thanksgiving Bingo Cards HERE!

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