Bob Salomon creator of "A Glove of Their Own" is back with a new story for kids of all ages!

After the success of the award winning book "A Glove Of Their Own," Bob Salomon hopes to reach even greater heights as he produces a second children’s book, this time using the sport of football. The story, entitled Beyond the Laces, will portray the true gift of athletes and the impact they have on children. It will unite all sports and also showcase the message of never giving up.
Salomon’s own passion for the sport is beneficial, and with many known professional athletes sharing his beliefs, the sky is the limit for what this new project can achieve.
“Beyond the Laces” is football at its best: a story of how one of America 's greatest past times gives a family and son the will and inspiration to overcome great adversity. Written to inspire children, “Beyond the Laces” will be sure to appeal to all ages, tugging at the heart strings of anyone who has ever endured the storms of life—and yet witnessed the sun again appear. The story promises to take you on a roller coaster of emotions
Look for "Beyond The Laces" this Summer!
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Bob joined Shawn & Sue to discuss the project and a contest for your kids to get in the book