Take This Job And Shove It
That's the title of a catchy song but also what many people feel like telling their boss.  Are you one of them?  Are you in a dead-end job, or feeling like you should be doing something else for a living?
I mention this because I encounter lots of folks who just work for the paycheck..…
Is The Whole Jersey Shore Sick?
A couple of weeks ago we told you that flu season in New Jersey is starting to peak. And if your office is anything like mine, the evidence has been everywhere in the last two weeks in particular.
Do Political Stickers On Work Vehicles Influence You?
As I was driving around the other day, I noticed something interesting - a work vehicle, with the company's name plastered all over it, had a bumper sticker supporting a politician who I very actively dislike. It made me think - would it influence whether I would hire this company or not?

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