Do Political Stickers On Work Vehicles Influence You?
As I was driving around the other day, I noticed something interesting - a work vehicle, with the company's name plastered all over it, had a bumper sticker supporting a politician who I very actively dislike. It made me think - would it influence whether I would hire this company or not?
What Little Things Make You Happy?
Sometimes we have to take time to think about the little things in life that make us happy. They may seem like things that are inconsequential to most other people, but they make you smile. I had one of those experiences yesterday.
Looking For a New Career?
Take The First Step To A New Career ~ OCVTS
Ocean County Vocational Technical School will Host a "special information session" on Thursday, May 28th from 7 - 8 PM at the Toms River Center ... 1299 Old Freehold Road. Listen in for more information ....
Where Do You Have Your Holiday Packages Delivered?
I'm going to have to make a number of trips down to my car when I get out of work today - I have a bunch of packages to bring home. Yup, I get my packages delivered to the office. Especially this time of year, a package sitting on a doorstep for hours has become a welcoming signal for thieves.

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