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Is This A Better Way To Slice A Bagel?
Here in Jersey, we know bagels. Others have tried to duplicate our bagels and usually fail miserably. And how can you tell when someone isn't a bagel expert? Just watch them try to cut one. Usually they either end up with a lopsided, crumby mess, or they end up in the ER. So have these folks co…
Proof That Our Heat Could Be Much Worse
Yes, it's been hot here in Ocean County for a while now, with temperatures well into the 80s and heat indexes well into the 90s, but it could always be worse. Much worse. Take this for example:
See How Many UFOs Have Been Spotted In Ocean County
Here in Ocean County, we often see a lot of odd things in the sky. With the Lakehurst branch of the Joint Base right here, you never know what might be floating through the air around here. But did you know that Ocean County has been home to a couple dozen UFO sightings? Read more to check out the m…

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