A Super New Addition To Little Egg Harbor
Shoppers in Southern Ocean County won't have to travel as far now with a brand new Super Walmart opening on Route 9 in Little Egg Harbor. For those who live in the southernmost section of Ocean County it usually means traveling to hit stores like this, so the brake in miles is a welcome one!
Has One-Stop Shopping Gone Too Far?
"Oh look," my sister said, "We can get waxing done at Walmart!"  There was a bit of sarcasm in her tone so I looked up at the sign she was pointing at.  It read, "Ask About Our Waxing Services."  We were out in Western Pennsylvania…
Credit fraud suspects sought in Howell and Brick Townships
A couple of big spenders ran up bills in the Howell Township Target on Route 9, and Brick Township's WalMart on Route 88, with fake credit cards using actual account numbers. Police in Howell hope that surveillance photos will jog someone's memory and lead to their arrests.

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