Shout-Out to the BEST Ocean County Cashiers
A recent trip to Walmart with my fiance's son because he loves Walmart, who doesn't? It got me thinking how cute some of the workers are there and when you have someone who is cheery and friendly at the cash really makes the shopping there a great experience!
The Perfect Day for a Scavenger Hunt
Shawn and I, on "The Ocean County Breakfast Show" this morning, were discussing playing "Hide and Seek" in IKEA and how they're trying to ban it in Sweden.  I guess several people play that game in the store.?  I'm not sure if I would have ever…
Brick Stores Evacuated
Brick Police launch a search for the suspect or suspects who called in bomb threats to both a Kmart and Walmart early this evening. The threats prompted an evacuation and K-9 search of both facilities but no incendiary devices were found.
The Kmart off Route 88 was the first to allow people back in..…
Walmart Proposal Setback
A major setback for a proposed Super Walmart slated for construction on acreage that straddles the Toms River-Manchester border off Route 37.

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