Watch – Justin’s Dorky Dog [Video]
I just felt like I had to share this video. My dog is a dork. And I mean that in the best way possible. She's definitely not a puppy anymore - 14 years old. Like most senior dogs, she spends a lot of her time sleeping. But every now and then she gets these ridiculous bursts of energy. One of her nig…
The Difference Between Cats and Dogs [Videos]
A video of a dog being reunited with his owner, who was away with the military for 6 months, has rightfully gone viral in the last week or so. The pup absolutely loses his mind, howls, and climbs up into his owner's lap. So we wondered how a cat would react. Thankfully, YouTube has the answer..…
Share Your Pictures of Yesterday’s Wild Weather [Video]
Yesterday, Toms River, Seaside Heights, and the surrounding areas got a front row seat for a show of Mother Nature's power. Intense storms rolled through right during the afternoon commute, and we caught some wild pictures and video from the WOBM offices. Take a look:

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