There are two things that I love - toys, and hacks. So Skycam 927, the WOBM drone is the perfect thing for me to hack next.

A little background first:

Skycam 927 is a DJI Phantom 2 with a GoPro Hero4 attached by a multi-axis stabilizing gimbal.

Got all that?

Basically, the drone has an external camera mounted to it. The only drawback to that is the fact that I can't see what the camera is filming while the drone is flying. This is because the camera's wifi operates on the same frequency as the drone's remote control.

Thankfully, there are any number of FPV, or First Person Video, solutions out there. So I ordered a kit that promised to be an easy "plug & play" system to get me up and running.

And I did. I got everything that I need. There was only one problem. Watch: