Which Airport Do You Prefer?
With the approaching long holiday weekend and after the horrible tragedy in Turkey, air travellers will be standing in long lines at the airports.  Even with some additional TSA staffers, travel experts are advising people to pack patience along with their clothes and personal items...
Where Do You Take Your Summer Getaways?
We're in an interesting situation here in Ocean County - we live in a major destination all year-round. When much of New Jersey thinks about getting away for a week, a lot of them head to our area. But where do we go to get away?
Is Gap Year A Good Idea For Ocean County Students?
When the news broke that First Daughter Malia Obama would be going to Harvard, the reports also mentioned her taking a "gap year" after she graduates high school.  A gap year is a break between the end of 12th grade and the start of Freshman year in college...
A WOBM Staffer Takes A Vacation Of A Lifetime
As we roll through another round of WOBM's signature contest, Vacation of a Lifetime, one of our own staffers just took a vacation of a lifetime of his own to Iceland, one of the trips that you can choose when you win!
Words And Phrases That New Jerseyans Don’t Get
Social media can be a treasure trove of things that we can identify with. A friend of mine shared an article the other day about things that don't make sense to many of us in New Jersey, and I could immediately identify with it on a few levels.
Interesting Way To Avoid Baggage Fee
Did you hear about the guy who, to avoid paying the baggage fee, wore all his clothing and stuck a pair of sneakers in his pockets?  A 32 year old boarded an EasyJet plane wearing everything he felt he would need on vacation in Iceland...

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