A WOBM Staffer Takes A Vacation Of A Lifetime
As we roll through another round of WOBM's signature contest, Vacation of a Lifetime, one of our own staffers just took a vacation of a lifetime of his own to Iceland, one of the trips that you can choose when you win!
Words And Phrases That New Jerseyans Don’t Get
Social media can be a treasure trove of things that we can identify with. A friend of mine shared an article the other day about things that don't make sense to many of us in New Jersey, and I could immediately identify with it on a few levels.
Interesting Way To Avoid Baggage Fee
Did you hear about the guy who, to avoid paying the baggage fee, wore all his clothing and stuck a pair of sneakers in his pockets?  A 32 year old boarded an EasyJet plane wearing everything he felt he would need on vacation in Iceland...
What Are Your Favorite Ocean County Shortcuts?
One of the nice things about Ocean County, both North-South and East-West, is that it's pretty easy to get around on the major roadways. But sometimes, we all have reasons for choosing local roads and shortcuts to get to a place that we could just take a highway to.
What’s The Weather Doing Where You Are?
It's hard to argue that we've had a weird weather week. Of course it all started with last weekend's epic snowfall, which quickly flipped to mid-week temperatures in the upper 40s and even a stray 50 or so. And then this morning, winter showed up again.
A Travel Dream Comes True…Sort Of
When I told people I was going to Iceland in the winter, they naturally asked, "why?"   I explained that I've always dreamed of seeing Aurora Borealis, "The Northern Lights," and that they appear more frequently at this time of year.
With 5 nights in Icel…
This Lifehack Will Revolutionize How You Pack [Video]
One of the tips that we keep hearing this time of year is that it's always a good idea to keep a clean change of clothes in your car, just in case. But who wants to keep an overnight bag packed in your car for a "just in case" scenario? Well, this outstanding lifehack is not only a great t…
How Are The Roads Where You Are?
To give the State credit, when I headed to work this morning, the Parkway was dry and all lanes were fully cleared. However, not the same can be said for local roads.

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