In Search Of ……
Ive been searching for the T.T.M. for nearly 5 years now and each year the attacks get worse .... drying off with a hand towel is no fun! Ask Steve Martin ~ Shawn Michaels
Does it ever end ? The search for the elusive bath towel! It seems that these days it's harder & harder to actually take a sh…
Watch A Girl Age 14 Years in 4 Minutes [Video]
Technology has really changed how we document kids growing up. Many of us have the occasional Polaroid or some printed photos of ourselves as we were growing up, but teenagers these days have come of age with digital cameras everywhere.
This parent diligently documented his teenage daughter's develop…
Poll – How Young is Too Young For Technology?
It blows my mind how much technology has advanced in such a relatively short period of time. It was only one generation ago, when I was a kid, where our "high tech" toys were things like the Speak & Spell. These days, some toddlers' first toys are iPads and smartphones…
Are NJ ‘Teen Nights’ Safe? [AUDIO]
Some New Jersey legislators are worried that so-called "teen nights," where kids can hang out, dance a little and possibly meet that special someone, could be happening in places that employ sexual predators.
Good Advice for Teens or Way too Harsh?
Some people may feel like these days kids are treated too softly and get away with a lot more than they would have in generations past. To illustrate this theme, let's take a look at a newspaper column that is apparently from 1959 which has been making the rounds online.

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