Social Media

Did Michael Bublé Go Too Far With This Post? [Photo/Poll]
It's become very clear that we all have to be careful about what we post and say on social media. Sometimes, things can be misunderstood, or understood perfectly but not exactly graceful. When you're a big celebrity, it could cause even more of a problem, which is exactly what just happene…
Facebook Flaps for Local Leaders
Social media is at the center of controversies for three local government leaders this week.
Stafford Township Council members are meeting behind closed doors on Tuesday to discuss a police investigation that allegedly targeted a man for being an outspoken critic of Mayor John Spodofora...
Have You Been A Victim Of An Online Spoiler?
You won't believe what just happened on yesterday's episode of a popular TV show!
Don't worry, I won't spoil it, but a lot of people were angry at a TV network this past weekend that let a major spoiler out about one of their most popular shows.

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