Yay! To Sharing Vacay Pics
How do you feel when you see peoples' vacation photos on social media?  According to a study by a U.K insurance company Aviva, an overwhelming majority are annoyed when they see holiday pictures.
I admit that sometimes I get a little envious, particularly if I'm having a stressful week…
What Are Some Things You Don’t See Anymore?
As I was waiting in line at a local convenience store this week, something caught my eye - camera film. It's become one of those things that you really don't see much anymore. And if you want it, you have to do a little searching to find it.
What Do You Do With Your Photos?
I did a lot of yard sale shopping over the weekend. One thing I noticed was available at almost every house: picture frames. Lots of them.  And at clearance sale prices. About $.50 a piece which tells me the sellers really wanted to get rid of these things...
Send In Your Springtime Photos
Two weeks ago we talked about the early signs of Spring. What a difference two weeks makes! From tiny little buds that you had to look really hard for, to trees getting ready to pop, flowers poking up, and foliage starting to fluff, we want to see what Spring looks like by you!
An Unexpected Apparition Appears In This Selfie [Photos]
We've seen this a few times before - where someone innocently takes a photo and is surprised (and a bit spooked) when they look back at the photo. That's exactly what happened here when Bethany Harvey took a selfie with her little nephew. But when they looked back at the photo, they were s…

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