I did a lot of yard sale shopping over the weekend. One thing I noticed was available at almost every house: picture frames. Lots of them.  And at clearance sale prices. About $.50 a piece which tells me the sellers really wanted to get rid of these things.

I thought about my own house. How I have a drawer full of frames that I'm not using.  I keep meaning to get some of my photos printed so I can frame and display them but that never seems to happen.  I have a digital frame, but it's not even plugged into the wall anymore.

Since all smart phones have cameras in them, I'd venture to say we're probably taking more photos than ever!  I like to say that I'm "documenting" special moments in my life.  But the truth is, once the photos get dumped to the computer, I'm not likely to look at them again.

What are you doing with all your digital photos?  If you're not printing and framing them, how are you storing and/or enjoying them?

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