Philadelphia Phillies

Former Blueclaws Battle The Phillies Tomorrow
As Spring Training draws to a close and baseball season inches closer, the Philadelphia Phillies will wrap up their pre-season schedule against "The Future Phillies", which will feature a number of players who've passed through Lakewood.
What Baseball Team Is The Jersey Shore Favorite?
Spring Training is underway! Here at the Jersey Shore we have three teams we consider local. The New York Yankees, New York Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies. Today we are having you vote for who is your favorite ..... Vote below and "BATTER UP"!
A “Ballpark” Hard Alcoholic Beverage
The Philadelphia Phillies won't just be putting out their first pitch in a couple of weeks..they'll also be the first stadium in professional baseball to offer their guests hard liquor 21 years and older at the concession stands.

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