As the Philadelphia Phillies continue to prep for the upcoming 2024 season, the baseball club's ultra popular 'Dollar Dog Night' has mysteriously vanished from the team's at-home schedule.


And you can almost here the collective 'boooooo'.

Phillies Dollar Dog Night


That's how it's worked for YEARS at Citizens Bank Park in Philly. 'Dollar Dog Night' is a specialty night Phillies fans look forward to every season. It's easily the most popular specialty night during the regular season.

Phillies Dollar Dog Night Causes Fights


But with popularity comes crowds, and that's what 'Dollar Dog Night' brings out...CROWDS. And lines for kiosks and vendors at CBP stocked with $1 hot dogs get long, like wrapped around a whole seating section long.

When lines gets long for dollar hot dogs, fans get frustrated and some quickly lose their patience, especially if that concession stand ran out of them ahead of your turn.

I've missed almost an entire game walking from counter to counter just trying to get my $1 dog! Sometimes, by the time I get my hands on one I don't even want it anymore, lol.

Phillies Cancel Dollar Dog Night

A savvy social media user named Sylvana Kell caught the oversight and posted the sad news online, which was then reposted by A2D Radio.

I delved deep into the Phillies at-home games schedule for this year, and low and behold, not a single 'Dollar Dog Night' appears.

Perhaps, Citizens Bank Park is tired of the mayhem that ensues during the specialty night. Or maybe it's because the ball park can't afford to sell hot dogs for just $1 anymore.

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I'm hoping that the Phillies just haven't worked out what nights they want to host 'Dollar Dog Night' and that eventually it will pop up on this season's schedule, but time will tell. Stay tuned!

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