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The Types Of Beachgoers We Can Do Without [Photo]
We're past Memorial Day. We're past the 4th of July. We're officially in the heart of beach season here in Ocean County. While the great majority of our visitors are respectful and welcomed (at least the human kind), some just don't care. Like this guy that I saw last weekend:
Who Are The Shore’s Messiest Visitors? [Photos]
When I was at The Community Medical Center Seaside Park Boardwalk Studio for my show last Friday afternoon, going into the 4th of July weekend, I noticed something as the afternoon turned into evening - after the people cleared out, the beach was a mess.
One Of The Headaches Of Living At The Shore
It's a situation that almost all of us who live here in Ocean County have encountered - you're out and about, running errands, maybe going to meet friends, maybe heading to get to work just under the wire. And then it happens - the arms come down, the light turns red, and the drawbridge st…
What Little Things Drive You Nuts?
Ok, I openly admit that I have a bunch of little pet peeves. In my defense, I think that these things drive a lot of people nuts, I just have a blog where I get to complain about them publicly. Yesterday, I spotted one of the main things that irritates me, take a look:
The 5 Worst Kinds Of Holiday Shore Drivers
As we roll into Memorial Day Weekend in Ocean County, and the Summer season kicks off, it also means that traffic season is kicking off in full force. So what are the worst kinds of drivers that you can run into during shore weekends? Here are my top 5 worst:
What’s The Best Etiquette For Group Messaging?
Technology has sparked a whole new category of etiquette questions that we've never had to think of before. And now, with text and online messaging popular across generations, some of us may have different thoughts on what are the best rules to keep in mind when talking to a group electronicall…
How Would You Feel If This Happened To You?
Friday evening was one of the worst drives I've had this winter. The heavy, wet snow made the Parkway a slushy mess, and the fact that only one lane was marginally clear made the drive home a white knuckle, low speed stressfest. And then I came home to what you see above.

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