Why Do Musicals Like “A Christmas Story” Get Bashed?
Last night FOX aired a live musical production of "A Christmas Story." My social media feed was full of people saying they shut it off because it was boring, terrible, etc. Then this morning I heard some more negative comments about it. With impressive writers and performers involved, a…
Check Out Local Jersey Shore Theatre [AUDIO]
Here at the Jersey Shore we are blessed with several fantastic "local" theatre companies. This allows us to enjoy "Off-Broadway" style shows right here at home without traveling to New York or Philadelphia.
Director/Actor/Producer Jessica O'Brien , from the Our Gang Players, joi…
Watch This Amazing Behind The Scenes Grease Live Video
This past Sunday, generations of fans watched as Fox rolled out a rollicking production of "Grease". In addition to pulling in pretty impressive Sunday night numbers, with over 12 million viewers, it also pulled off some pretty impressive live TV feats.
Bring the Whole Family to See The Berenstain Bears Live
Like me, a lot of us grew up with the Berenstain Bears. I definitely remember having the books at home, seeing them in doctors' offices, and bringing them on family road trips. Well the classic bear family is going from the page to the stage! Check out all the info:
An 80’s Classic Gets Prepared for the Musical Treatment
It seems like there are more musicals on Broadway these days that have been adapted from films than actual original works. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Plans are in motion right now to turn an 80's classic into a big theater production. Read on to find out what famous flick is g…