Cooking Spray Expires? (And Other Date Stamp Mysteries)
Recently when a rare urge to bake came over me, I reached in the pantry for cooking spray and scratched my head.  First I wondered, "Why do I have 3 cans of cooking spray? and then I asked myself, "Why have they all expired?  I thought they had a shelf life of...
$8 for a Gallon of Milk? [AUDIO]
The 2008 federal farm bill is set to expire at year's end, and if Congress doesn't pass a new one, a law from the 1940s would kick in -- causing milk prices to jump by $2 or $3 per gallon.
Oh Boy Oreo!
I love you Oreo, but I'm not a big fan of candy corn!  But I have a great idea for an Oreo cookie...keep reading!
Where’s The Best Cup of Coffee Here At The Shore?
Coffee is LOVE to some people.  I just can't get into liking coffee.  I love coffee ice cream, though.  Anyway, we are talking about coffee because there is information out today Green, unroasted coffee might help you lose weight.
Everything Costs Four Dollars
What in the world is happening at the grocery store? Did I go to sleep and wake up 2 years later with  no memory of the gradual climb in the cost of food? I'm in a supermarket almost every day. I just get a few things I need. When I arrive, I'm usually a woman on a…